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a banded pallet of 6mm washed pea gravela mixed pallet of filter media prior to wrapping

At Harcourt Minerals Ltd we pride ourselves on packing your orders to the highest of standards. We understand you require your delivery to arrive on site just as it left our warehouse. We ensure quality 100cm x 120cm undamaged wooden pallets are used which are rated to at least 1000kg or 1500kg for our larger bulk bags. When shrink-wrapping of the product is required, we use robust 100-micron pallet covers to keep your order clean, dry and damage free.

For export orders, we offer heat treated and certified pallets or crates to ISPM15 regulations and can double shrink-wrap and band the pallets to prevent movement of the product in a container while being shipped by road or sea freight worldwide.

To keep delivery costs as low as possible for our customers, we can pack mixed pallets if required. We always ensure the larger grade of filter media is placed on top to ease filling of the filter on site. We can also pack and label the pallets per filter if required.

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